how i make 10000$ every month in online - How to make money from click bank

how i make 10000$ every month in online

all right guys come a little closer i'm going to tell you a secret i'm going to tell you how this guy here who wears the same hoodie in every single video for the last two years is making a hundred thousand dollars per month online now i wasn't going to do this post mainly because when you talk about huge sums of money some people don't like it some people do like it but then i decided well i'm going to do this video anyway mainly because about 10 years ago when i was trying to make money online it was extremely hard we didn't have the technologies to you know like funnel builders and stuff like that we didn't have courses we could follow and more importantly we didn't have free videos like this on the internet that we could follow and learn if i had stuff like this back when i was starting it would have made life a lot easier for me.

so what i'm doing in this video is i'm going to actually show you how i'm making a hundred thousand dollars per month and not only that i've made two million dollars doing this i'm going to show you exactly how you can go out and start doing this as well even if you are a complete beginner now a bit of a disclaimer this is a lot of money it took me a long time to get to this point and i'm not saying you're going to go make a lot of money doing this you might not make any money but what i can do is show you exactly what i'm doing and if you follow along in this training maybe you'll go out and make some money doing this my goal here is to show you what i'm doing and then in this video as well show you how you can get to around about your first hundred dollars per day following this strategy.

 so if you don't think making money online is real then you're gonna want to watch this video if you do think making money online is real and you're struggling you're going to want to watch this video if you're just interested to know how i made two million dollars and i make a hundred thousand dollars per month you're going to want to watch this video and if you want to do this yourself then you are going to want to watch this video now don't forget to subscribe tap that notification about and smash that like button guys i really wasn't going to release this video but i do feel that i need to put it out there so people can understand how some of us are making money online i make money with a lot of methods but this is one of my main ones that does make very good money for me if you're here for the competition the winners are up on the screen we have two winners this time and once again all you've got to do to get into this is find the emoji in the post comment below the emoji and plus cash or plus course now let's jump into the video and i'm going to show you exactly how i'm making a hundred thousand dollars per month with google online.

 alright guys so in this video i want to show you two things first of all i'm going to be showing you my blueprint and exactly how it works and exactly how i've made this money then i'm actually going to show you how you can go and get your first 100 a day online doing this i'm going to take you through everything you need to do to get started with this so i'm going to show you everything now before we get into this one of the most important things is to show you the results of all of this so if we go into my account here you can see that it's a hundred and eleven thousand in the last 30 days and we'll just do a refresh because people want to see a refresh and make sure that they actually are real i spend a lot of money doing this and i make a lot of money in return and i'm going to show the blueprint on how i actually do this so we are back here and um these these are the results.

 now what i want to do is actually show you something crazy okay so if we go to all this specific account we have i have other people that buy ads to me and stuff as well but this specific account has done nearly two million dollars in sales so i know how to get money on the internet right and what i want to do is show you exactly how i've done this now if we go back to the to the last 30 days now i'm going to blank out some stuff guys i don't want to give away all of my stuff here but you'll understand in a second what this all is and what this all means but if we go to this campaign here this one here we've made back seven thousand dollars.

 we just started this one seven thousand dollars and it's cost four thousand this one here we've made back nearly thirty thousand and spent five thousand this one here we have made nine thousand spent six thousand now i have hundreds of campaigns and we've done a lot of money in this account but how do you actually do this how did i do this and how can you use this tutorial and this strategy to help you make some money online well it's simple i'm going to take you through exactly how to do this and what i've actually done so in that account i just showed you in this account we are promoting quite a lot of stuff right affiliate products courses and things like that what i've actually done is taken the most beginner friendly campaign that we're running and system and i'm going to use that for this example okay because it's the easiest way for a beginner to get started is this example right here so what i do for example this is an ad here now i do want you to pay attention because it's very very important if you actually understand this this could essentially change your life and you could make money online i'm not kidding because i wish this was around when i was starting to make money online i only just learned about this stuff a couple of years ago.

  i've been working online for like 10 years now i've called this a cold search ad so one of the campaigns that we're running people go into google and they search for a specific keyword let's say affiliate marketing for example we are actually running campaigns that keyword someone sees our ad they click that ad and they go to a page where they give us their email now on this ad down here you're going to see that i've made 40 000 but i've spent 46 000 and you're probably wondering well why would you keep running that advert you're not making any profit on that advert well i'm basically running even so i'm spending what i what i'm putting in i'm getting back now there's a reason why i'm doing that because i get a free email and then what i also get is i get to build up what we call a retargeting list of people that i can then run advertising to and they're warm so the chances of them purchasing are a lot higher it's very hard to convert people on a cold ad if you're not good at it right we do have a lot of ads that are profitable on cold ads but this one isn't that's why i'm using it as an example.

 so you know that it's not actually a bad thing to lose money or run even on an ad on an advert online then what happens is these guys now go and watch a training video that's a free training and they also get put on my email list so i can email offers to them now watch this next slide it's very important and it's going to give you like a bit of a oh moment like you're going to realize so remember i've made 40k and i spent 40k but now what i do is i run ads to the retargeting list so the people that are on that list so these guys saw the first ad they went to the list and one of our retouchers one of our retargeting campaigns has brought back 270 000 and we spent 34 000 okay so what's happened is i've spent 40 000 here to make 40 000 so i haven't made any profit but on my retargeting adverts i've made a huge amount of profit okay 270 000 so we use the retargeting ads to make our profit and we also email people our training courses affiliate offers every single day and then you actually have what we call digital assets retargeting list email list you can email people to a blog post that you created maybe a youtube video that you create and you can actually send people to these things this is one of our blog posts and you can build up digital assets this blog here is worth probably we could probably sell it for a couple of million this is one of our biggest blogs that makes a lot of money and um we've built this asset up by organic traffic but also email marketing.

 so how can you go and do this how can you go and break through and get this started and start to make money for yourself how can you go and achieve a hundred dollars a day that's the first goal you should be aiming for is a hundred dollars per day well the first thing you need is a product but you don't need to create your own product you don't need to even own a product and you don't need to deal with anything like support or anything like that you just need to send traffic to the product now we're going to come back to some stats and stuff in a second and kind of help you understand this a little bit better but let's go and find you a product so you can do this so what you want to be doing is you want to actually go to our website called and there's other websites out there as well and once you sign up to you want to come to what we call the marketplace which is here and click on for example e-business and e-marketing now the thing here is right is these guys have courses products software and we can actually promote these for a commission.

 so i could go and promote this for a hundred dollars average sale right i would make a hundred dollars now these ads that i'm running we're actually selling products at a hundred dollars two hundred dollars fifty dollars we're not selling a thousand or two thousand dollar courses you don't actually need to in fact we do a lot better selling low ticket products while everyone else is going and smashing high ticket products we kind of swoop in and we make really good money on the low ticket products and the mid ticket products so what you can actually do is you can go and promote these products here 100 average sale 241 average sale 99 average sale that's what you get per commission so let's take this one for example this is a product on how to make money online and things like that it's the top product on clickbank and this product here that i promoted as a make money online product you see the keywords that we do we do things like make money keywords investment keywords clickbank keywords affiliate keywords and things of that of that nature now if we go back to here you'll see that this is a make money thing or something to do with like netflix but it's about making money i think anyway if it's not there's plenty of other make money stuff that you can promote is you want to go to promote and you're going to get this what we call an affiliate link.

 okay this is called an affiliate link um here we go i actually made a 40 grand today on clickbank actually i'm gonna have another video coming out on that soon so make sure you stay tuned gonna show it all forty thousand dollars and we did it with this kind of structure so this is gonna be your affiliate link but you can't just go and put your affiliate link in google what you need to actually do is go and use a program a funnel program so i use one called click funnels you can use whatever you like there's lots out there and what this does is this creates a page like this where i can actually put in an email sorry i can actually get people to put in their email and then when they give me their email i can actually redirect them to this affiliate link now i'll have a video below on that that'll take you through exactly how you can set up your own page this is not what this video is about but i have a free video below that you can check out and i'll show you how to set up your page that looks like this so you can collect emails now the next step is you want to actually go and run some campaigns and get some ads running what i recommend you do is you go into um into google and and start a ad account and you go to start a new campaign and when you start you want to do a search campaign that's the easiest for beginners to do because you have to show your face or anything like that.

 we do we do five we do google search we do videos and stuff like that and i'm just gonna go to um website traffic you can do leads it really depends you can like well actually we do leads so you want to track leads but you need to put on a pixel on your pages you can find information online on how to do that but let's say i'll go to leads and i'll go to search campaign and i'll go to just say website visits and you'll put in your your url here so this is the page that i would send them to and then what it's going to do is it's going to ask me if i want to put in keywords and stuff so you just can name your campaign here and then scroll down choose your countries uh choose your daily budget so we usually start on like 50 bucks but it really just depends on what you want to do you can start on a lot lower i'm going to take off set action set target action we don't want that and i'm going to go to save and continue and what you can actually do is you can create these ads you can create these text ads for people to click on and you can collect an email okay and you just basically put in the keywords here so something like affiliate marketing make money online these actually the type of keywords that we target we can actually do what we call a broad match a phase match and an exact match if you want to learn more about that you just click on learn more and it will give you information on what those are and you can learn about what those are sorry guys my camera was full.

 so you could learn about all of that um on google but next what you want to do is go to save and continue and what you're going to do here is you're going to actually create the ad creative where people are going to click on it now i do want to warn you that it is going to take a little bit of testing you're not going to be able to just make money right away it's going to take a little bit of testing but what's important is don't worry if you lose money on your cold ad because i'm going to tell you in a second how you do a retargeting ad okay so you just fill out all the information your headlines your descriptions and and stuff like that and you just create an ad what i usually do is i go to the keyword that i'm targeting and i do similar ads to what's in the google search console so you just put in your heading your descriptions and stuff like that then you go save and continue and you start running your google ad but what i wanted to talk about was how do you actually run a retargeting campaign so when you put a pixel on your funnel on your page you build what we call an audience what we do is we do video campaigns so we actually go so we go and create video.

 so new campaign and we would do usually website traffic or purchases and we do what we call a video campaign but what if you don't have a video well what we actually do is all you need to do is maybe go buy the course or do like an overview of the landing page this is one of the ones that we did we spent two thousand dollars in made back 53 000 all i did was go over my product and talk about it and just say hey this is what's inside and that's it you don't even have to have your face on the screen that's all you do but you want to re-target with videos because it's very very powerful stuff it converts very very well or you could just um go back to the product here and you could um yeah so you could go to the product and you could just go over the page and say hey i noticed you check this out but it looks like you didn't purchase come and check it out.

 you know we've got this free training or whatever it is it's all you need to do it only needs to be like 60 minutes long whatever you can do a 30 second ad but that's one of the most important things that's where we make like like all of our profit is in these video ads that we create and video ads are very simple to do just go through the process and set up a video ad and what you're trying to do is you're trying to set up this process where you build up these huge digital assets and then you re-target them with warm video ads and the proof is in the pudding as they say 270 000 with 34 000 in ad spend that is a stupid return on investment the money and if you need proof that this works the proof is right here 1.94 million dollars on google now if you are more training on affiliate marketing you can click the videos on the screen it will take you through step by step on how you can do affiliate marketing and how you can make money online don't forget to subscribe tap that notification bell smash that like button and i'll see on the posts on the right. 

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