how to make money from facebook posts 1000$ a day - How to make money from click bank

how to make money from facebook posts 1000$ a day

this is really exciting this is an amazing method to making money online and in fact the psychology behind this one is so otherworldly it's insane but I'm not going to go too deep in explaining all the nutty psychology but it's really simple to come with me so in this video I'll be showing you how you can use Facebook job posts which anyone can do by the way to make money there's two steps in between which will be going over there's four steps to doing this job post pre-sell page affiliate link money baby but here's the kicker is you can do this no matter what country in the world you're from no matter what age you are no matter if you're on a mobile phone or a computer and you don't need to spend a dime not a dollar not a cent to do this and make money doing this and it's really simple and I'm gonna walk you through everything right here on my handy dandy compute well-lit computer so what I'm gonna do dude I'm one of these computers.

 I'll show you exactly how let's get into it this is a really exciting method button already because you know this is gonna be good let's get [Music] okay now this method is sneaky but it works and it took me a while to figure out this method if I'm the sneaky sneaks type in John's the sneaky sneaks but once again what we're gonna be going over I just want to lay this out for you soon understand what we're doing we're using Facebook job posts to get us traffic okay and we're using Facebook job posts really to get us traffic and we're using affiliate marketing to make us money we're bridging the gap here by using a pre sell page this is how we're getting that this hour getting people to end up buying right we're using a pre sale page which I've pre-built for you this thing is amazing this is this is sick and I'm using an affiliate link.

 okay in that pre-sell page and this is all free and you may be thinking John come on pre-sale pages you have to have a website yes that's money to do that no you don't you might also be thinking oh man I can I do this whatever country I'm in is this gonna require technical skills or experience or know-how or you know it's only open to us people you can do this no matter what country you're in we can use any one of two different affiliate networks right and also you don't need any skills you just need to follow the steps as I do them and I'm gonna show you right here on the computer just follow the steps so now although we have the job post the pre sell page an affiliate link the important that you actually implement these in is actually the reverse right.

 so we implement it like this we implemented three two one that's how we actually implement this and the first way I think where we have to start is we actually have to get our affiliate link now affiliate marketing is how I make most of my money I make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing and the way I do so is you get links and you post them out on the internet and when people buy from them you earn a commission is Commission only sales it's door-knocking for the 21st century it's telemarketing for the 21st century it's plain-jane stuff you know you're selling regular crocks and that's how this works one network will pay you by either check or wire the other network will pay via PayPal let me show you what I'm talking about so you'll either want to sign up or click Bank if you're based in the US and for clickbank you would just click create an account right there and click bank pays you via check which means you have to have an address or they pay you through a wire transfer which means you have to have a bank account the other network you can use if you're from more of a third world country.

 let's say Nigeria or Africa or Asia but even if you're not is digi store and I will show you you have links down in the description where you can use those so digi store will pay you via PayPal ok so that's really cool PayPal right there and you go to digi store comm and how we get our link so here I'm logged into digi store where I'm going to go is I'm actually going to go to the marketplace right here ok in the marketplace you'll see you the top-performing product is my products actually so as you see with popularities highest product we have a lot of information on that but on average you can expect to earn about $700 when you promote the super affiliate system there's different payment plans for people here but generally speaking you get 50% of what people spent with my program so there you have it now all they have to do is you have to click promote now to get your link.

 so promote now after you've signed up and here would be your link so you can click you just copy I'm going to click copy right there do this on a mobile device so I have my link copy then I'm just gonna paste it in here just so I have it so there we have my movie but the next step we're gonna do is we're gonna want to post our link in a pre sell page now follow along the step 6 actually as I say them you don't want to deviate from this because then you won't understand the process so we take the affiliate link and then we're going to paste it into our presale page now what is a pre-soak page now a pre-sale page is it's a way of bridging the gap from somebody who's looking for a job to getting them to want to click on our affiliate link and ultimately spend money with us we have to put in some salesmanship we have to put in some marketing because understand it's not like people are just sitting on the internet saying hey what can I give my money to today people aren't thinking like that you have to actually do some sales you have to do some marketing you gotta do some selling but we let our pre sell page do that for us and I created a pre sell page for you that works with Facebook job posts and what you're gonna do you're gonna go to my resource file which is John crostini dot-com backslash resource so you want to go to this page and here will be a big document of all of my methods I always keep this updated based on what's working best again you want to take action on this immediately because Facebook doesn't want people to know that they can do this.

 ok when Facebook understands that people can do this they probably will tell YouTube to take this video down so you want to do this as fast as possible do this whole method as fast as possible again nobody's talking about this nobody's ever talked about this because I just found this out so let's go over here Facebook job posts so see right there you click that and you're gonna go down to Facebook job post this method describes how he can get traffic to your affiliate links by creating job posts on Facebook and what you're gonna do is we're gonna create our pre sell page first so we're gonna click right here we're gonna open this pre-cell page up now what you'll see right here is this is your pre sell page it's a Google document but it includes places where you can put links so here we are and work at home job opportunity social media specialist or $250 plus per day posting and what we're gonna do is we're gonna go right up here where it says five you can do this and you're gonna click here make a copy right it's gonna create a copy on your own version of Google Drive so you'll have a page that looks exactly the same but now it's yours now understand one of the reasons this works so well is because people are looking for a job and we're giving them a work at home job opportunity now do you think most people really want to drive to work hey I mean there's not a single person who wants to drive to work everybody wants to work at home so a work at home job opportunity it's like mind-melting it's beautiful and it's real cuz people want to work at home we have these areas where we can change our links out right now now what we need to do is we need to take our link which we have right here.

  we need to once again coffee and we're going to take that link and what we're gonna do is we're gonna click here now okay now once you have your link you're gonna go to the page where there's two buttons there's two links you're gonna have to change out so first let's click on the button and you can either click up here which is the link button or you can right click and click the link button here doesn't matter which you do and you're gonna put in your link right here so see him clicking paste then I'm gonna click apply and do the same thing to this link I'm just I'm gonna edit link you could also highlight the link and click this link wherever the link button is just click on it the link then we're gonna paste our own link in here our links are in there now the next step of this is what I'm going to do.

 I'm actually going to go up here I'm gonna click share right there I'm gonna click get shareable link right here and then I'm gonna copy this look or you can click copy right here I'm gonna paste that into my document right here I'm gonna take this link and I'm going to then go to Piggly comm right here and I am going to shorten the link so you see that link it's long and it's ugly and it's kind of like weird to click on Ryan it's kind of like haha why does this link look so long when I that seems tricky people don't want to click on really long links people want to click on shorter links right just make sense so that's why we're gonna shorten the link it's more trust work and then we take that big law link and we click shortened right there shortens it there and then we're gonna click copy right here if you're excited if you see the potential of the money in this method already this is easy so far typing easy in the comments below.

 I want to see those Easy's if you're following along type it easy if you're totally lost and it's going over your head type it over your head because I don't know how I can make this any simpler Franklin but just type in easy if it's making sense type in over my head if this is just like last I don't know how to do this okay so this should be pretty straightforward here comes the fun part now we have two things we have an affiliate link and we have a pre-sub page right if you just send people to the affiliate link it takes into a sales pic you know that most people are not gonna buy from this page whereas if you take people to a pre-sale page beforehand which was or working on job opportunity specialist right here you're gonna have a much better chance of actually making money because people who read this are much more interested now the next step is we're actually gonna go to Facebook.

  on Facebook we're gonna go I think it's somewhere on the left side you can click a see more right there you can click on jobs now if you can't find it that way you can actually just search facebook jobs its leave backslash jobs then you go to their job site now what you do here is you're actually going to create a job you're gonna create a job right there and there's a bunch of information to fill out but don't worry I've got your back I already got the information that you need to fill out in the resource file that should be in the links in the description of this video so what you want to do is I have the post details right here and you're just gonna type in work at home marketing specialist and we have that right here job location now you can enter an address somewhere in the US you know so I'll just type in and Santa Barbara I would say for this you want to preferably use a major city in a first world country like Los Angeles or Boise or wherever in the world but some major first world city you know in Germany or England or Australia or New Zealand whatever works then we're gonna do salary range I like saying generally with affiliate marketing because that's what we're teaching people in my training program which you'll be selling.

 you know anywhere between $0 to 250 an hour and again you can reference all of this within the post right I have the information right here job type contract then you just select contract and job description and you will enter in earn an income working at home you know I would say puter and stable internet connection required you will be working with a major YouTube influencer who has been featured in Forbes Fox News CBS please watch the training first and this gives you a space to change your link now now for this what you want to do is you'll want to actually change this out to be your link so let me demonstrate so we have got this bitly link and what we want to do is we want to take this back and we want to delete this and post our link in its place that's what those brackets means you can add extra salesmanship to this if you want again feel free to expand test new ad copy just by copying and pasting what I do you can make money you can get some mediocre results you might make $700 but if you really want to take this to the moon and be a build a full-time income test new things post up 50 jumps and test different ad copy with each.

 I'll say you know like do you have a laptop or desktop computer let's say do you have a stable internet connection and you work for five hours per week and you can upload a photo I'm just gonna leave the photos whatever blank but the main thing is we want people to watch the train that's the goal we want to get people to our affiliate link we're gonna post a job and that's all we do post job oh now that is all there is to that okay it's not a very complicated method but keep in mind that Facebook is a little bit of a cat-and-mouse game they really are greedy and they only want people really buying ads to get people to go to their links they want people to pay in money and that's not right there's freedom of speech you should be able to pull things so keep that in mind that sometimes they might not like certain links if they start not liking your bitly link after a bunch of people post it.

 use the Google Docs link use a different link just use the plain Google Docs link can work too and the way that this will work is when people see your job and they click on your link and if they end up buying the program you end up making money and digi store or campaign did you store will pay you your Commission's weekly through PayPal Clickbank will pay you your Commission's weekly through a check sent to your address worldwide or sent to your bank account that's it so if this method was just mind blowing this sneaky sneaks this is good some of that traffic from Facebook without spending a dollar on ads so if you know this is the number one money channel on YouTube type the number one money channel on YouTube right now write in the comments really excitedly showing you guys these methods and slam that like button and hit the subscribe if you're looking for more ways to make free money online can't get easier than this it really can't I'm dishing out I have a really good stuff coming up for you I'm gonna be dishing out huge hot methods every single week so stay subscribe love you take action if you're committed typing take action in the comments below want to see you guys posting this while this post is still up and while this method is still working talk to you soon 

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