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How to earn online money

 if you don't read this post till the end please don't send me an email tell me hey hari please help me i want to work online please help me i want to learn how to make money online this post is the answer in only 10 to 15 minutes i will show you where and how to start and how to work online and how to start today this post may really change your life i squeezed and compressed all my knowledge about online business make money online digital marketing everything i compressed in this couple of minutes to share it with you.

 i want to share everything with you so please don't miss any second of this video and to help you more the comments below will be an open discussion for anyone with any question related to making money online and online business so this video is your start point is everything you need to start working online and change your life  hi everyone i'm hari from blogger and today i'm really so excited so happy that i'm publishing this new post that really may change how you think change your life so before we start please don't forget if you like these videos if you like to watch more about digital marketing online business making money online subscribe now to my channel and turn notifications to get every new update almost every day also please don't forget to share it with your friends anyone who you feel you can help him and maybe you will be the reason of changing his life anyway.

 so let's start together in this awesome post by the way in this post you don't have a lot of practical work this post i want to talk to you to yourself to your heart i want to change your mind i want to change the way you think i want you to be successful so please stay tuned with me just a couple of minutes this will really change your life so let's make things simple and start with the five main strategies methods ways call it whatever you want these five things that anyone successful online is working in these are the five methods the five paths that you want to choose one of them or maybe connect them together to be successful online.

 so what are they simply number one is affiliate marketing number two is freelancing number three is content creation for sas services and five online stores so these are the five main methods that anyone who want to be successful online and work online and build real business online i'm not talking about wasting your time on websites to earn like a couple of cents or maybe one dollar per week i'm talking here about real business something that really changed your life change how you live real business with real income and turn it later into also passive income so let's explain each method like in one minute only number one is affiliate marketing we talked about a lot here on my channel it's simply promoting a product or a service for someone else for a company and you earn commission that simple what's nice about affiliate marketing you can start without money without content without website without anything you can start from scratch now without any requirement and you can make the first couple of hundreds of dollars without anything.

 i explained this in detail here on my channel with a full post practical explaining everything in detail please refer to my description below to learn how to start an affiliate marketing anyway the second option the second path is freelancing simply freelancing is providing your skills and services for anyone who wants it an example if you're a graphic designer you can design logos banners whatever you want if you're a programmer you can develop applications if you are whatever i don't know anything any skill you can start providing this skill online on websites like freelancer up work or people per hour or fiverr or anything else or maybe publish your own service website like i do when you grow online and this is what i want from you i want you to grow online i want you to be successful online and don't only rely on other websites.

 i want you to build your own brand to be successful online so number three is content creation and it's one of the best methods it requires some hard work but it's really the center of online marketing if you have content you can grow any online business you can promote your skills and services you can promote your affiliate products you can promote anything you want so you can create content like blog posts youtube channel maybe free courses ebooks any piece of content instagram stories facebook posts anything any content you can create to build your brand and start promoting your products or anything you want or maybe just monetizing with ads and start making money online with google adsense or whatever ad networks number four is sas services which is publishing a service online like mine at which i provide a free platform for people to help them in seo and digital marketing how i make money with this service simply with ads monetizing with ads or promoting affiliate links and building my brand and being popular online and getting more leads more subscribers.

 so i can promote anything also assess service can be paid like my url shortening service link dot me i provide this for a monthly fee so you publish a service online and you can go with a recurring monthly payment just imagine you have only like 200 customers paying you 10 dollars per month you are making 2 000 dollars passively without doing anything now you may ask me do i need to be a programmer of course no you can start a sas business today with one hour and that's what explained in detail here on my channel everything i tell you is explained on my channel everything is free you can just go watch learn and start number five is online stores to be honest with you i don't have an online store like selling goods or maybe physical products and so on no i have an online store my academy which i sell digital products like applications or courses but i don't work like an amazon fba or drop shipping and so on but it's one of the best methods also to work online but to be honest with you i can't help you in this because i don't work in this field i don't want to teach you something i don't know.

 so these are the five main strategies to start working online to sum up again affiliate marketing freelancing content creation sas services and online stores now now before we continue you need to get a paper or open google documents or notepad and write down these five methods and just think what do i want to start with affiliate marketing or with content creation or just combine them together like i do i'll explain in detail here on my channel just think now if you want to pause the post and think what i want to start with now it's time to take a decision this decision will change your life look i want to tell you something people watching this post are two types ninety percent will just watch the video or maybe don't complete it and close youtube and just go and continue wasting their time wasting their life on facebook on youtube and whatever the 10 percent who will continue the post may take a decision this decision is to change their life today starting from today is to tell themselves i want to change my life.

 i want to stop wasting hours and hours doing nothing i want to do something this what you want to tell yourself now just tell yourself i want to change my life i want to start a new life i want to stop wasting my life it's only one life you need to take care of you need to take care of your time don't waste it and by the way from that 10 percent only one or two percent will try fail then try again and try again till they succeed this is why only two or three percent of this planet people on this planet are successful because everybody else is lazy they don't think they just want to waste their time don't be from that 98 be from the 2 and just decide now now in this minute to change your life and please don't tell me i don't have money or i don't have a super laptop or whatever to start working online to change your life you don't need money you don't need even a laptop from your mobile phone today.

 now you can start a blog you can start affiliate marketing even you can start freelancing from your mobile yes you can go and watch my other videos search for youtube videos real videos i mean not that waste your time and see how you can start working online today so don't give excuses don't tell me i don't have time there is time don't tell me how many hours you sleep how many hours you waste on youtube and watching movies and online series or netflix or whatever you have time just dedicate every day one hour to learn something new to start to test something new and you will be successful believe me in a couple of months when i started like a couple of years ago like earning 100 online is just an imagination today i make 10 000 per month and 90 are passive i showed everything my income streams everything i showed here on my channel you can go and check if you want don't just say i can't do it you can do it just try to do it just do it you will fail the first time but then you will succeed one day.

 someone asked me hey hari how i will earn my money because i am my country i don't have paypal he is worrying about how he will earn the money that he don't have yet i told him friend just go and earn the money i will give it to you you will find a way to get the money just do it just start working and earn the money first before worrying about things that are just like excuses you are giving yourself excuses stop doing that and start working today.

 take the decision to change your life i'm sorry maybe i go out of the scope but really you must take a decision to change your life today before before you waste your life now if you are like 18 20 25 or maybe 30 you still have time if you go older than that then you will not be able to go back so just stop stop now make that shock shock yourself and tell yourself i wanna start real work even offline but just take a decision to start working today and to change your life and move to the next level i'm not talking about only money no i'm talking about to be relaxed to be happy to be comfortable to live a happy life with your family i don't know just to be happy it's not only about money so please please don't be of the 98 who thinks small just think big and change your life.

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